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Paste FX will resize the effects

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Hi. I found when I copy layer effects from one object to another, the effects will resize. Is there any way I can persist the effects parameters? Thanks!


This is what I did to test:

  1. draw a 200x200 rectangle
  2. apply an outline effect to it with radius of 20px
  3. copy the rectangle
  4. draw a 100x100 rectangle
  5. edit → paste fx
  6. the 100x100 rectangle will have an outline effect with 10px radius

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This is great software but I hope there will be a fix or a change in preferences to lock FX size soon. This has caused me a great deal of re-work but I do love AF Design!

Affinity Designer Windows  · Affinity Photo1.5.0.45 Windows  ·  Windows 10 Home 64-bit   ·  AMD Ryzen7-1700 3000Mhz  ·  16Gb RAM   ·  AMD Radeon RX580  ·  Wacom Pen Tablet

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