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Importing Topaz plugins

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I am new to Affinity Photo. I was pleased to see that it was possible to use Topaz plugins. However I cannot workout how to get Affinity to recognise where they are. I have followed the Help topic and looked on this forum but am not getting anywhere.


I have Photoshop CS5 (which is where I looked for the plugins.)


I am using a PC with Windows 10


I am aware that using these plugins is a work in progress. It is a bonus I was not expecting.


I suspect I am missing something obvious in the instructions so help would be appreciated


I have attached a screenshot of the position I have reached. I hope it helps


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Pointing to C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs and to C:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs (you have to add both folders) should add all Topaz filters to Affinity Photo. Note that Topaz Remask 5 currently doesn't work with Affinity Photo.

Hi, isn't possible to use Abobe Illustrator's plugins to AD? I really want one plugin in AD

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I don't know sorry. Certainly not in the short term.

To delete a guide just drag it to outside the canvas, or go to menu View ▸ Guides Manager..., select the guide you want to delete from the list and press the trash icon.

There will be more improvements to guides.

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I'm having an issue getting NIK reinstalled after computer issue/reformat.  OSX 10.12.3 Affinity 1.5.2 


Previously installed with no problems under earlier OSX.


Went through video step by step.


I do not see any NIK plugins at all.


I cannot enter "\" as a valid option for support folder.  Authorize global is greyed out.


TIA for your assistance

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I am using Affinity Photo on a Gigabyte laptop with Windows 10 and Core I-7 with plenty of ram. I have installed Topaz and NIK plugins and they will start when going to Filters/Plugins/.... However, when the Topaz or NIK program starts it shows only a black rectangle and not the picture??

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I also have a number of Topaz filters. I installed them in Affinity Photo and they work.
With the exception of ReMask of course ( which I can use as standalone ).

Windows 7 Pro machine.
I must add that I added them one by one.

Can it be something that is Win10 related?


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I am also new to affinity and have a i-mac with latest updates - I have all the topaz plugins - I cannot see how to get them to install - I no longer have photoshop - I did try to navigate to the topaz folder but couldn't get it to add - wonder what i am doing wrong - can I install all of the plug ins even though at the moment some don't work or would that mess up affinity photo?  THanks for your help

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I too can't get them to work. First, their status shows up (in preferences) as Unknown. But when trying to use them, I always get the message:


Cannot Proceed. 

IPC Memory in use or 

Image size is too big for the system.


I no longer have my Photoshop CS3 installed, but I have Photoshop Elements 15 and they do work on the same image in there.

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