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[Duplicate] [ADe] Guide Manager values behave erratically with multiple artboards

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In a document with multiple artboards the Guides Manager places guides erratically. It's rather hard to describe, but it's really easy to reproduce:


1. Create multiple artboards inside any file, preferably with

2. Open the Guides Manager and try to add vertical and horizontal guides

3. Modify their position using numeric values (for example, 20mm, 50mm, 85mm)

4. Instead of accepting the values Affinity will override the value with random (?) negative values such as -322,2 mm

5. This only happens in one of the axis while the other works fine, which axis misbehaves seems to be related to the position of the artboard on screen


Strangely guides placed by dragging from the rulers work fine. Until you try to edit their values that is...

Everything seems to work fine in documents without artboards.



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