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RAW Development Panasonic GH4

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2 Issues:

- Lens distortion of pana zoom 35-100 2,8 was not corrected automatically.

- Loss of sharpness when changing to photo persona

   Using Clarity and Detail sliders a very sharp and clear picture is obtained. When changing from Develo to Photo Persona this sharpness diminishes visibly (see attached screen shots)



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Hi hy13


The Change in sharpness is due to the live preview nature of the develop persona. To accurately view what the results will be you need to view the image at 100% zoom at which you sohuld find there is no change before an after develop.


For the lens correction I presume you are referring to the Lumix G X 35-100mm f2.8? are you able to provide a sample image from this lens so we can look into the correction issue? You can use this link to upload



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