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Affinity vs. Others for Design beginners  

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  1. 1. Would you recommend Affinity for new Digital designers?

    • Yes I would recommend Affinity for anyone looking to get into Digital Design work!
    • Yes its great if Tech Knowledge is high.
    • If your tech skills are low, Affinity wouldnt be a recommended starting point.
    • Yes if art skills are strong with a basic level of tech useage skills.
    • No if Art skills are weak with a average tech background skillset.
    • Any beginner should work up to Affinity its not a good starting point.

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I am a current university student studying IT multiple areas of interest. I am also a mobile DJ, amateur music producer, and Sponsored Competitive shooter for National Collegiate Shooting Sports.


I have taken a couple of design classes that taught me some basics of some very basic programs. However, I was referred to you by a friend who is a programmer at Lukasarts, he has more experience than anyone I know with a large variety of digital design. He sent me to Affinity for the best source to get a good foundation in Digital Designing projects.


So I am coming with questions about the student options that I have seen on the site, I am wondering what my options are for getting started as a current student but learning Affinity as an independent study directive.


My primary needs for design are in creating Personal Logo's and Designs for my website, creating elements for Augmented reality program I am working on, and also Virtual reality programs I am working on.
​I would be very excited for the potential to also use it for creation elements in the music production work I do, as well as working on cleaning and editing video that I record for events I DJ.


I am not sure how to reach out and inquire about these possibilities, but my initial goal is finding out if I can use my student discount, then who to contact to find out the details. Also, I was hoping to find out if I could get access with my student discount to the book on Affinity as it is described as a essential tool for faster skill acquirement with the software.

​Thanks for taking the time and hope to get clarification soon.

Hope to get to know more users.



21c Reaper


Brief intro on me:

"I was given the nickname mantle of Reaper when I was 26, I was given my time of death by the doctor. The nurse had covered me with a sheet and was just starting to turn of machines, when it beeped. My heart had beat, my doctor a firm atheist turned student of religion said it was impossible, but I was an am alive. When asked by my grandmother what I remembered, I said the Reaper came and I told him no chance in hell that he was taking me before I was ready. It was a joke, but I had always been known for how I carried myself. I wasn't someone who started things, but would end them. I always protected the weak from those who made themselves feel stronger by preying on the weaker. I was the anti-bully, the predator of predators, the guy who was generally liked, but always had a keen ability to spot trouble before it became escalated and took care of it. So family and friends, knowing I was a competitive marksman and wore a tactical mask when competing that resembled the Reaper, started saying the Reaper needed a vacation and now in the 21st century he  passed the title to me since I wouldn't go quietly into the night. Eventually, I was called Reaper as much as I was called by my birth name. But that is my story of rebirth. I returned to college to work on a new degree path, started learning skills and apprentice work for various job types, and do whatever I can to make the most of my 2nd chance.

Including meeting my wife, and adopting her daughter who I have watched grow up and only know her as my daughter, but I was always taught "Family Beyond Blood", that our true family is who we choose not who shares DNA."


If you are a designer who does logo's or websites, and would be willing to assist me in designing my logo, and primary background I would love any assistance. Also if your into music, from creating to listening please reach out. 21c.Reaper@gmail.com find me on google+ or message me on here.

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  • Staff

Hi 21c Reaper,


Welcome to the Forums :)


We don't offer a student discount I'm afraid. Unfortunately we don't offer any software that can edit videos or audio. Please let me know if you have any more questions :)



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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