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Stroke width freeze/crash

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In AD,


Sometimes when I changed the width of a stroke, created by the pen tool, in the "Transform" box, the stroke disappears. The number in the "W:" box disappears, and I can't do anything in the program. It doesn't freeze completely though. When I hover over objects, they are highlighted, but when I click on an object, nothing happens. I've tried to re-enter the width, delete key, and pretty much everything else. After a while of clicking around, the program crashes.


I can't recreate it with a newly opened document, but maybe I'm not recreating it correctly. It usually happens after a few hours of work.

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Hey rad,


I've tried to reproduce this on one of my own drawings that has tens of thousands of strokes and curves in groups and I can't seem to reproduce this. It would be great if you could find a recipe. I'm sure I've seen a similar issue with strokes disappearing though but I can't quite recall what causes it  :unsure:

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