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[APh] Perspective Live Filter layers are crash prone

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This is probably a very unhelpful bug report, but...
When I use the Perspective Live Filter layers Affinity Photo ( often crashes, straight into the "Windows has encountered a problem with this application and is closing it". It happens frequently, but I can't see any sure-fire reproducible pattern. All I can say is that I use it with (Image) layers, maybe that helps narrowing the problem?



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I'm bumping this again in the hope there's some news about a fix?

I've been building a mockups file for a client and these crashes slow us down. I'm not going to say it's impossible to work with, bu it's annoying. It's also puzzling since it's apparently a known bug, and very easy to reproduce?


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i Just gave a training course for a team of my Architectural company, that will switch in the near future from  Photoshop to Affinity Photo.

and while showing the live perspective filter,   about a third of my studends encountered a crash..

Well..   for those who have to switch from Photoshop...    it produces the feeling, that the product isn´t that reliable..    Which i know isnt True..


But   you should fix it soon..   please..


greetings from Hamburg,



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