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I have just received news of the latest Adobe CC price hike, and I do not like it - it's a price rise too far. I have Affinity and played with it a bit and I like it a lot, but there are issues with it and my current workflow that have prevented me from taking it up as a mainstream editor.


My current workflow is in Lightroom/Photoshop with plug-ins from Topaz and other independent providers. I use Lightroom to import and organise my work into virtual folders using keywords and presets. I use an iMac.


My issues with Affinity are with photo organisation and plug-ins.


Is there an independent, cheap or free photo organiser similar to Lightroom that uses keywords similarly to assemble virtual folders and import and organise workflow, and is compatible with Affinity?


Why does Affinity not support all plug-ins from Topaz and when will it?


I'd love to hear what users here use to get around these shortfalls?

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Hi HarpyG,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Affinity Photo file format is closed so the the best any external organiser will do is show the included previews/thumbnails in the file. We do intend to develop our own DAM (digital assets managements) software later which will work seamlessly with Affinity Photo. Photoshop plugins support is still being worked on. Some plug-ins are not yet compatible with Affinity Photo or present a few issues. You didn't specify which platform you are using but most Topaz plug-ins (except Remask5) work with Affinity. Please check this page for more info. There will be improvements in this area soon. Some plugin developers are also adding official support for Affinity Photo as a host application.

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