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Hello there,


I've been using the Affinity products for a couple of days now and I'm really amazed by their capabilities.

However, there seem to be a few disruptive bugs regarding the brush dynamics, both in Photo and Designer.

(Note: I decided to name the bugs for future reference)

  • "Prokaryote bug": When using the velocity control on a paint/pixel brush (Photo and Designer), there always appear big blobs at the beginning of each stroke followed by a much thinner tail, no matter how fast or slow I’m drawing. This bug has been reported here and there almost 2 (!) years ago and, yet, remains unfixed.


  • Also, in the brush dynamics window (almost) every slider is called a “jitter”. The word “jitter” is a bit confusing as it implies that the brush is modified randomly over time while, at the same time, corresponding to how fast, or with how much pressure, etc. you draw. In other words, not completely (!) random. This doesn’t seem to be standard/what’s happening in affinity. In my understanding those “jitters” only adjust the (output) amplitude of the effect produced by the (input) controller and don’t yield actual jitter. If randomness is desired, the only option in Affinity would be to set the property to random and, thus, lose control. You cannot have both (control and randomness). Am I correct? And is this the intended behaviour? If so, the use of another word might be advised.
  • "Diamond bug": When velocity is set for a vector brush or pencil, Designer creates jagged (diamond-shaped) brush strokes. If the stroke is rather straight and drawn with high velocity, the rough edges will stay. If the stroke is longer and curvier the jagged stroke tends to turn into a much smoother stroke as soon as the mouse button is released. Nonetheless, the stroke doesn’t seem to reflect the actual velocity changes applied and sometimes the jagged lines don’t disappear entirely. This behaviour has been demonstrated here as well.

(Images 1 and 3 are before releasing the mouse button, 2 and 4 are after)

  • "Umbrella bug": Additionally, the (vector) stroke often ends very abruptly in a big semicircle (umbrella), especially when drawing circles/spirals.



All of the above-mentioned bugs appear not only in editing mode but also in the exported files:



So, it’s not just a visual bug.

They, unfortunately, render the velocity control pretty much useless. They also occur with clone brush, dodge & burn, sponge, erase tool and any other brush descendant.


Other bugs:

  • When the screen resolution is set to 1366 x 768 (typical laptop display resolution) or lower, the toolbar gets cut-off in Photo. I am aware of the option to undock the toolbar in the view menu but this is quite cumbersome when you start Photo for the very first time.


  • CRITICAL: Batch processing of photos into the same directory and in the same file format as the original files (e.g. to create a lower quality copy) will result in overwritten (yes, deleted!) original photos without any prior warning. A message and an option to append some text to the exported file names would be strongly required. This, also, has been reported (here).

I hope this was somewhat helpful and I'd love to see these issues resolved in the near future.


Best wishes!



Affinity Designer Version:

Affinity Photo Version:

Operating System: Windows 10

Pointing device: Mouse

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Hey Night4wk,


I'd first like to thank you for such an informative post. I imagine it must have taken you a while so, thanks :)

I've managed to reproduce all of the issues described apart from the 'Umbrella' issue. What settings were you using? I might have missed something obvious but I just can't seem to reproduce it. I've reproduced this now.


Edit - I'll have to check about the Jitter query too. I believe it may have been questioned before and development wished to leave it as it was but I see where you are coming from.


I'll pass the issues I have reproduced over to development and wait to hear back regarding the one I can't reproduce.


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Hi Chris B,


Thank you for reading through this awfully long post of mine. In hindsight, I probably should have inlcuded some instructions along with it. I am sorry if that was a bit too much to comprehend.  :unsure:


Thanks for letting the devs know about those problems and if there is still anything obscure, I am happy to clarify my original post.  :)

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