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Green Screen background replace Chroma Key

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Is it possible with “one click” to replace a Green Screen with a transparent background in Affinity Photo? Normally I’m using Final Cut Pro X to make videos, and in this application I’m used to use Green Screen as Chroma key. Is there a similar function in Affinity Photo? 

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If you want to mimic what the old Ultimatte boxes used in television used to do, you can use Apply Image and use 


as an expression for each red, green and blue (set alpha to 1 or simply leave it at sa). That's going to give you a grayscale mask. Clean that up with Levels, Invert, and then go Layer > Rasterize to Mask.


You can save that as a macro and it's as close as it gets to a one click solution.


An alternative approach that is also quite quick is to use is Select > Select Sampled Color. Can't test how well it works with green screen material right now, though, since I can't use selections due to this annoying bug, but it should work pretty well until Affinity gets a real HSL keyer.

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An indirect way to achieve this if you really need to right now might be with a third party Photoshop compatible keying plugin like Primatte for Photoshop or maybe you can find an old copy of Ultimatte AdvantEdge for cheap. But I don't think the Photoshop versions have seen much development recently, and there is currently no OpenFX plugin support in Affinity yet.

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