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Just started using Affinity Photo on a mac workstation with a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.  Setting up the expresskeys for the tablet gives several options for the zoom function within AP.


   But all of the zoom settings as well as the pan/scroll default option within the wacom tablet settings produced unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable zooming for me within AP.


Even installing the latest drivers for the wacom tablet did nothing to address these issues.


The solution for me was to disable all zooming functions and not to assign any zoom function within the Wacom Tablet setup screen.


Rather use the standard keyboard  shortcut for zooming  "z".

 In other words my tablet does not have any zoom keys.

This corrected half the uncontrollable zooming within AP.


The second issue that produced uncontrollable zooming was setting the expresskeys to the default setting of "pan/scroll"  Strangely this setting would also produce uncontrollable zooming and no panning.



The solution to eliminate these two other issues was to assign a "keystroke option "and set it to "h" which works now for panning and has eliminated the strange zooming.



So I now have both controllable zoom and pan functionality.   


Hope this may help someone who is having the same zooming issues.



Addendum:  I did get  the zoom function to work on the Wacom Tablet by assigning a Keystroke "z" and now I have a zoom button on the tablet.


Although, I don't have any functionality with the two buttons on the pen itself.    


The wacom tablet worked perfectly with Photoshop, and  I experienced full functionality with the default zoom and pan/scroll settings. Also, had functionality with the two pen buttons.. but not with AP, regrettably.

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Hey Gregory-CJ,

I'm not getting any of the issues you've mentioned on my Intuos 3. Ideally I'd like to get my hands on an Intuos 4 to thoroughly test this for you. Are you able to record a short video to display the behavior? 

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Hi  again Chris B,



As mentioned above, I did finally get a working zoom with the Intuos 4.

It would take a bit of time to reconfigure the Intuos back to the malfunction state. Right now, under a deadline

for the next several weeks,, have to stay focused.    


The problem was that while using the built in/ default zoom/pan express keys of the Intuos 4  when I tried to  zoom-in , it would hesitate , which would prompt me to  attempt a  zoom-out , and there would still 

be hesitation , then I would try to zoom-in... with more hesitation,,, then at some point the zoom function would  finally try to follow orders ,,,,,

and start zooming -in and zooming-out and get into an apparent perpetual zooming in and out. This would hang AP and in one case crashed it.


Hope this helps.

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I have the same zooming problem each time I connect the Intuos 3D (which is basically the same hardware), additionally it also disables the zooming option of my laptop's trackpad so I can't zoom in or out using expression gestures.


To solve this problems I disconnect and connect the tablet and close and open several times the program until I have no problem.


I've experienced this issue in both Designer and Photo.

Art, music & design.


FB | IG | TW | BH | DB




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