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Leaving Aperture 3.6 for Affinity - what about file management?

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I recently completed a trip and shot hundreds of RAW images on a Sony DSC-RX10M3.  My OS is 10.11.6  I was preparing to process the images on Aperture when a friend introduced me to Aperture.

I do not see any information about how to manage each image once I have completed any adjustments.  What do you suggest?  

Right now I drag my images, which are organized into projects in Aperture, into SmugMug for sharing.  Please help me see how I will use Affinity if I purchase your software - to organize and export.

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Hi Allezmike,


Welcome to the forums.


Affinity Photo is a RAW developer and photo editor, it isn't for organizing your images, as it's not a digital asset manager. Once you have done adjusting your image in Affinity Photo, you will then have to Save to our native file format (afphoto) or Export to JPG,PNG,PSD,TIFF etc. If you save to our native format, no other app apart from Photo will be able to open the files and you would have to manually organise them.

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