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Is Affinity Photo Suposed to be able to use PhotoShop Plugins?

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Not the case for me.  I have several Topaz plugs and all are seen and usable.


Under Preferences>Photoshop plug ins, assuming you've pointed AP to the correct folder for the plugin dlls, have you ticked the box to "Allow unknown plugins to be used"?



Win 10 Pro, i7 6700K, 32Gb RAM, AMD Radeon R7 360 and Intel HD530 Graphics


Long-time user of Serif products, chiefly PagePlus and PhotoPlus, but also WebPlus, CraftArtistProfessional and DrawPlus.  Delighted to be using Affinity Designer, Photo, and now Publisher.

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In topaz clarity all colors seem to be washed out, when the photo is a 16bit prophoto file. It even does not look right with adobergb. only srgb seems to be OK. So I have to convert to srgb in AFP to see accurate previews in Topaz, is this a known issue?


prozessing tools:

LR6 -> AFP -> Topaz.

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The Affinity Photo Win Support Page lists both DxO FilmPack and DxO ViewPoint as untested.


I tested each on my Windows 10 system and attempting to run either as a plugin crashes Affinity Photo. The error is "An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80004003."


It appears the 8bf plugin in each is designed for the new Photoshop specifications and thus is not compatible.

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