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Liquify renders in wrong direction

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The following workflow generates a wrong result:

- open a jpg image

- 'Anordnen'->'Vertikal Spiegeln' (German caption)

- Open Liquify Persona

- Use 'Move left' or 'Move forward'

=> Watch the result inside Liquify Persona

- Click 'Anwenden' (German caption)

=> Watch the result in Photo Persona


The performed liquify will be shown in the opposite direction

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Yes, please fix this... I'm trying the simplest operation in the liquify persona.


Saw the tutorial video to see if I was using it wrong.


I tried to just pinch some pixels around to create a smile using the push forward tool but not getting the expected results. The pixels move in all the wrong directions.


Right now as it is the Liquify tool is pretty much useless. 


Fernando Velarde


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Yup, I have this same problem, however it's erratic and I just can't figure out what causes it because it works perfectly in one document, and then it distorts in the opposite direction in another. The recommendation of rasterizing the layer first is a good one – it could be a layer filter that's causing a conflict.


On a similar topic, I've always had problems using liquify from the start (since the first official release of AP). The push tool doesn't displace in the direction it's dragged, but rather it seems to act more like the "Push left" tool – also only sometimes. (I've just tried it in a simple, single layer file and it worked perfectly... of course. Murphey's Law stepped in. Perhaps it's after using it for a few hours and the RAM is getting tripped up with the huge history and recent documents)


I love using Liquify, but I always seem to fight with AP's liquify – I have to keep Photoshop around just for this one function which messes with my workflow.

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