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[AD] Outline effects missing from constrained object

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In Affinity Designer I noticed that whenever I change the Constraints configuration for an object the "outer" effects on it stop working.

In the linked video I have an outline shadow for each "row" on my design. When I change the constraints the shadow disappears - you can see a very fine line where it should be, like if it's been cropped.

I have tested this with Outline Shadow and Outline Glow with large radius to the same result.

Inner Shadow and Inner Glow are not affected by it.





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Hi Fernadolins86,

This is a known issue. When using constraints it will create a constraint group that will crop all the objects the boundaries of the group. This means that your shadow that falls outside of this group is getting cropped.

This is with development to improve.

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I just encountered the same issue.  I googled it and found this post.

Is there an ETA on this fix? Its been over a year since Sean's post and this issue has NOT been fixed.  I just applied constraints to to an object within a group and the whole group's effects (shadow and glow) just got disabled/messed up.  This is a very annoying problem for me!


PS: I just realized this was in the windows section.  I am on MacOS.  But the bug is the same, so I won't repost in the Mac thread.


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