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I have downloaded the iOS UI assets file that comes with AD which is a great showcase of restraints and a great resource, but at my company we design all UI at 1x and the iOS assets are in Retina scale. Scaling doesn't work properly on these assets so I thought I'd make my own collection of UI elements for iOS and Android. How should I save/export the file so that I can import it in the assets panel and use them in any projects?


(BTW here's a nice article about the benefits of designing UI at 1x - https://medium.com/shyp-design/design-at-1x-its-a-fact-249c5b896536#.bhxum5ugk)




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Hi Fernando,

To create you own assets, create a new category going to the Assets panel and clicking on the menu icon on the top right of the panel. Select Create New Category.... Drag your objects from the canvas to that category you just created (you can also create subcategories to better organise you assets). The assets will remain there for you to use in other projrects.


If you want to export them to a file to pass to someone else, select the main category you created in the dropdown on the top of the Assets panel, go to the menu icon again on the top right of the panel and select Export Assets....


What do you mean with scaling doesn't work properly on those (bundled) assets?

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Boa tarde, MEB,


Thanks for the tutorial, I'll make and share a few UI libraries with the community quite soon, I hope!


Regarding the scale, If I design at 72 dpi at 1x, the controls look too big since their default size is for Retina screens (144 dpi like the iPad/iPhone templates) (top element). If I scale them from 2x to 1x, they get crammed up like on the bottom of the picture.

So I need to redesign these elements at 72dpi so I can use them at 72dpi which is the standard at my job.






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