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search box like font select and glyphs

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Hello I just wanted to suggest something that is very nice if you have a lot of fonts and you partially remember the name, or even if you remember the full name and want to jump directly to that font.

To make the dropdown menu of fonts to act like a search box, so if I have the UB-Helvetica and start typing Helvetica, I will get a dropdown menu with the fonts that contain that (for example in my case I will get UB-Helvetic, Mg Helvetica, Helvetica etc).


At the moment I can only type the name and jump to the font but it is not very helpful since it doesn't recognize spaces (so if I have a dozen fonts that are like PF Bodoni and type PF space Bodoni it will get me at first at PF and then jump to letter B) and many times I can only remember a part of the font's name.


Also if it is not a way to open the full charmap of a font and insert something from there, can you add this too?

I have some obsolete fonts from the 90s that work fine with English, but the Greek characters are registered elsewhere and I need to open glyphs and enter them one by one (in illustrator).

I haven't found a way to do this so far.

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Honestly, the way Illustrator does this seems much less problematic than the way AD currently does.


If one opens the drop-down, one is taken to the spot in the font list where that font lives; this is great for when scrolling through and trying out different typefaces systematically (in AD, it always takes one back to the top of the list).


If one starts typing, the font list starts showing only results containing those characters in that order (whether or not they're at the beginning of the typeface name — so one can type "con" and all fonts containing that sequence show up... not just ones starting con, but also ones that contain "condensed"; I find this hugely helpful). (in AD, typing opens up the dropdown and... if typing fast enough... will take one to fonts starting with that string only).


Both of these functions make finding fonts in a list of hundreds much easier. Maybe something like these could be implemented?

There are several different threads making requests like this... and this kind of interface function seems much more fundamental a need than some of the advanced operations showing up on the feature roadmap.

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