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Dear Affinity Team,


beg my pradon for my bumpy english.


I congratulate you for the really great software. For me it is a challenge to work with it.


But one thing drives me crazy.  I got some Pictures with black or grey backround. normally whit my standard tool (yes these competitor)  I select the colour hold the shift an add the same colour range in neighourhood. click at Mask symbol an ready. All in all not more as few seconds. After these I use the paint tool and overlay mode to get some tricky pixels. In my old tool it works fine.  All on all for shape a mask not more then five minutes.

On AP these feature it is also be present, I was surprised and happy to work with it. And after a few hours I am frustrated because it never works as I would like. it drives me crazy. the selection seems like good will action from the program. I now the origin problem it is really between my hand, and fits in front of the display. I don't understand what tool operate.


So I got a request to you. Please explain these function.


Selection Colour is a quick, easy deal to make very perfect masks. The selection tool against these method is much more time intensiv an much inaccurrate. In all Video tutorials they use the selection tool Why they don't let operate the AP for them?


Also I didn't found Channel operations How I can operate red channel again green? blue with red? red wiht red in multiplicate or negative multiplicate?


And also in the paint tool the brush. in my chase with the mask composition  the white colour paint still in black. I activated overlay for the brush, but it didn't work.

it will be great to see some tutorials about these chases



I am looking foward for your answer, I would be appreciate about it.



best regards





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We use the best tools for the job when creating our video tutorials. However, we could make a video tutorial showing how to use the Colour Select Tool - I'll let James, our video guy, know :)


The following thread should give you more information regarding your channels question: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27366-how-to-apply-image/?p=157773


I'm not sure what you mean when you state that you "activated overlay for the brush". Are you referring to the Quick Mask or Alt clicking the Mask Layer to get the black and white preview?

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Hello Leigh,


thank you very much for your answer and the really amazing tutorial.


I will test it.


I use the channels to see what information are the best for a mask. So I let calculate the software to get a result.  For example I got a woman in a red robe. in the red channel these "red Color" will be like white. So I can use negative muliplication to geht it a more clear white. A gradiation tool will help to get a clear white. Some brush action and it will be finished to use. In AF the biggest Problem seems in front of it. The possibillities of AF are amazing.


the apply Image tool, yes it works I got a lot to explore. The first results get nearly I want to have.


btw I got a further question. ALT+click an I get the mask. In further future will it bee implemented to use brush blend modes like overlay to work smart in masks?


@James: I' am very exited about the tutorial.



thank you very much and


best regards

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