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[Duplicate] Serious DPI bug

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I'm experiencing a serious issue with Affinity Designer. Everything worked fine and suddenly, the font sizes when creating a new text with the Art Text Tool give me completely incoherent font sizes. I was in 72 dpi, but it switched to 144 dpi by itself. If I press "OK" in Document Setup, it doubles the dpi every time. I tried to set the DPI to 36, it did changed to 72 dpi when I pressed OK, but font sizes of newly created fonts are still wrong. Note that the font sizes of previously created texts are correct. This issue occurs with Retina documents. I changed settings to set the size of the document to @2x and unchecked "Retina", but it didn't fix the issue.


Please help. I've work to get done and I'm blocked by this issue.

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