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Affine 50% issue

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Hello everyone!


Sometimes I need to offset an image on X and Y by 50%.

After doing this, I need to get it back to its original offset (null).

Most of the time, this works with just using 50% offset a second time, but sometimes I am running into a weird issue: The layer seems to get offset by a weird value (or maybe Affine doesn't offset the whole layer?).

The only way around this is to use Affine on X and Y by -50% each.

But I cannot use negative numbers to create a Macro for this.

Anyway, I shouldn't even have to use negative values because when 50% twice doesn't work, something else seems to be going wrong.

I guess I am not getting a 50% offset of the whole image then.


I made a video of this, you can take a look here:



Also, I have already tried to paint to each edge and select the whole image, so Photo should be forced to work with the full resolution of the image.


Here is a file that includes the problematic layer from the video:



Best wishes,


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Hi shushustorm


Thanks for the file, I've managed to replicate this, but only with the file you provided. If I create a new layer in the file than it works fine leaving me to believe there is something with that particular layer. Was there any processing or conversion applied to the layer previously?



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Hey Chris_K!

Thank you for your reply! I have not done anything fancy with that particular layer.

I just duplicated a lot of layers and while the other ones work fine, this one doesn't.

The only thing I have done on that layer was using the standard brush and eraser tools and some selections.

Also, this is not the last layer that I duplicated. So it seems that this is not an issue that carries over to further layers by duplicating.

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