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Hello everyone!

I've got two suggestions for improving the Free Hand Selection Tool:


1: Could you add a shortcut to the tool that lets the user add to selection when holding shift?


2: Could you add a shortcut to the tool that lets the user subtract from the selection when holding alt?


3: Currently, when I select Mode -> Add, I can only add to selection if I am starting the loop outside of the current selection. It seems there is no way to start a loop inside the selection, because if I try to do so, I actually move the selection. This behaviour could be accessed with M (Rectangular Marquee Tool), though. Being able to start a loop inside the current selection is just easier sometimes.


4: (This is not especially about loop select, but rather general) Could you include the selection menu (from the menu bar) in the selection tools so that it is being displayed at cursor location when right clicking?


5: I guess this is a bug, but I am adding this here as it's about the same tool:

Clicking L to select the Free Hand Selection Tool will not show a different cursor initially.

The cursor will only be displayed after using the tool.


Best wishes,


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