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Free Hand Selection + eraser = Crash (severe and reproducible!)

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Hello everyone!

I have already sent a crash report (I guess, you are receiving these from Apple, right?) about this.

It would be nice to know what's going on and whether or not this can be fixed in a following patch, because this crash happens quite regularly. When working like I do, Photo crashes about once every 2 minutes! So this is quite severe.

This is the crash report comment I sent:


This crash happens regularly when working quickly using the Free Hand Selection tool.

I have been using the Free Hand Selection tool (L) and the standard eraser (E) in full screen mode with UI hidden.

When this crash occurs, I pressed L, E and cmd+D (for deselecting) quickly one after another.

I am not sure if the order is important, but it seems to happen after I deselected (D), then selected something (Free Hand Selection), then want to erase something inside the selection (E).



I can reproduce this crash. If you need any additional information, please let me know.


Best wishes,




I made a video that shows what happens:


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Hi Shushustorm,

Thank you for the video! I've just tried to reproduce this myself exactly as you have in the video and I've been unable to reproduce it. Does this occur for you in a new document or does it seem limited to the one shown in the video?


Would it be possible for you to attach the AFPhoto file please?

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I didn't really want to upload all the data that I am working on, so I tried to reproduce this from scratch.

And I was successful in doing so. While just adding one or two layers and working like that didn't do the trick, spamming some layers and painting on them to get the file bigger made it lose its stability again.

So you can test it as well, I uploaded the test file here:




To reproduce, just try to partially erase on the upper four layers like I did in the video.

Photo should crash at some point.

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