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Toggle UI tools confusion

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to request a feature:

When selecting View -> Toggle UI, all of the UI will be hidden, which can be really great.

The only problem that I am running into sometimes:

I don't know which tool I have currently selected.

Could you please include an option to let the user show the tools window even when "Toogle UI" hides all the other UI?

Or maybe even better: Just show the one icon of the tool that is currently selected.

The confusion especially happens when you have to cycle through tools. For example, for the "Pixel tool", you have to press B twice for "Colour Replacement Brush Tool" three times and for "Smudge Brush Tool" four times.

Personally, I run into this especially when I don't know which tool is currently selected. For example, the eraser (E) is selected, but I think the brush (B) is selected. Then, I press E to select the eraser. Then it doesn't select the eraser, but rather the background eraser.


Best wishes,


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