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DDS File Support

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Just now, Egonator said:

SUPERPNG (PNG with ALPHA chanel)

How is that different from the current support of PNG with transparency? Isn't that done with the Alpha channel?

-- Walt

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While we wait for Affinity to support .dds ..

Paint.NET now supports all the newer formats like BC7 Linear, and creating mipmaps

It has done this for a while via a plugin created by null54, and you had to rename .dds file to .dds2 - Edit the image - Save it - And then rename the file .dds again.

All of that is now history, the plugin is bundled with Paint.NET and no renaming of .dds file extensions is necessary.

So you can load your dds files up in Paint.NET, save them out as lossless png, work on them in Affinity, then convert them back to dds with Paint.NET and generate mipmaps when you save the dds file.

.. its another solution to the problem.

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On 2/19/2018 at 1:03 PM, Mark Ingram said:

I've added DDS support to a list of things to look at in the future. This could be a long way off though, as I have a lot of higher priority work to complete first.

Well, it is over two years and seems that no one bothers to solve this request at all. ☹️ Not sure if you guys realize it, but almost every gaming studio on this planet is directed to use Adobe Photoshop - simple because lack of support for superPNG and/or DDS at Affinity Photo. The will to switch is to your product is strong, but you don't help it at all. Sadly, I assume that this part of the market does not interest you. 

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Just adding my voice here. Bought Affinity Photo two years ago and still never use it except for some occasional checking for no other reason than the missing DDS export.

Come on, guys, that can't be so hard. All you need is available as open source without any commercial restrictions. Alternatively, as Marcel Offermans suggests, let us help, e.g. by providing an export plugin interface. We (and you) would have a DDS exporter in no time.

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+1 for DDS support (Mac version)!

It is indeed quite odd that after all these years DDS file support is nowhere in sight. I would imagine that there are quite a few game studios and independent developers out there wanting to ditch Photoshop if only they had a good alternative for creating their textures.

Any update regarding a time estimate would be highly appreciated.

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Hi, unfortunately we don't have anything to announce about DDS support right now. It's still on our list of things to do, and we're not saying "no", it's just we have to prioritise our workflow. As we don't have a plugin system available, there isn't really any way to contribute help to this task, but thanks for asking. I'll update this post when we know more.

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16 hours ago, Egonator said:

Really? Two years of promises that it is on your list?

Other things have been on the list longer than that.  It's not exactly surprising.

I'd never even heard of DDS until seeing it requested on a few of these threads; it is a Microsoft-specific format which uses a proprietary compression algorithm.

It doesn't really strike me as a useful format for the general market; it is very specialized.

It would imagine this has a low priority compared to other features which will benefit a larger number of people.

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1 hour ago, WesternNights said:

every game developer on this planet

The DDS format is only really well-supported on Windoze.

Games are written for other platforms...  so if that format is being used by "every game developer on the planet" then they should seriously reconsider their choices.

The few cross-platform engines I see which seem to support them at all appear to either support a subset of the format or to support it only within its development environment by converting it to some other format when feeding it to the engine.

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On 10/10/2019 at 9:43 PM, Egonator said:

DDS support and SUPERPNG (PNG with ALPHA chanel) heavily needed

our game studio would love to switch to Affinity, but without this it is impossible, workarounds are not proper solution

Nooo I was super excited to move away from Adobe with their thieving subscription but it is impractical without something like SuperPNG and DDS for anyone with anything to do with Gaming :( DDS  is essential really and so is superpng with Alpha for texturing, not necessarily a plugin support @Mark Ingram however something with a similar functionality, that is needed (in my field at least) to mask textures, not sure about the other guys out there but I trust is the same.

At this point I will have to skip, I was very excited with the software now that I tried it however without the above two function for game development is completely useless :( 

I appreciate the dev isn't interested in the professional developers market either and it seems it has been so for years, I can imagine how many get to this thread before even downloading it trial it, what a shame.

and could go on for a while with thread here and there of people asking the same for years........................



@fde101 please... how many people game on mac? Come on...okay you don't like windows that does not resolve an issue limiting the most widely used platform for gaming, which isn't Mac and please mobile isn't even a gaming platform and some engine like unity still require the same workflow there too. Being a fanboy does not help anyone, especially now with indie developers growing by the day having a software which is great to create flyers only when you could potentially reach a professional audience which would make a statement for the software itself. 

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+1 for dds support, us gamedevs want to switch to affinity instead of photoshop, cause photoshop (especially) cc is getting more unreliable as time goes by, not the program itself, but the CC app.
I'm sure you guys would get lots more revenue if you add dds support.

I'm currently a trial user, i will definitely buy it if dds support is added, if not i sadly have to stay with Adobe, cause it's the only sofware that supports the Intel Textureworks plugin.

Just remember that millions of people make textures for games, so you should actually up the priority of dds support, it would make sense.
Potentially selling millions of copies is imo a nice incentive to put it at a higher priority.

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forgot something
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well it's so good that even though it doesn't have dds support, i decided to buy it, and use Corel paint Shop Pro to save to DDS with the DDS plugin.
Cause Adobe simply stops working to often these days because it loses connectivity to their server in the CC app, and i can't keep waiting for them to fix their buggy software.

Stll, i would like to request dds support sooner rather then later, i know it has been asked for years, but remember what you're missing out on if you ignore gamedevelopers/textureartists, there are not just 1000 devs, but millions these days..just keep that in mind when you set your priorities.

Implementing dds would mean a easy way to up your revenue.

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+1 This is pretty much needed for game developers, along with other texture file formats.

The workaround we're using is to export everything in PNG format and use an external tools to do another conversion. That creates another step in the workflow and can slow down a developer by a couple of hours. It also add a point of failure as well.

Anyway I think the better way to go is to create the import/export plugin architecture, as I think by now you guys already have tons of requests for file format alone. Maybe cooperating with the users is the better way to go forward, don't you think ?? Let us help you.

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Yep, i bought it, but i'm still using Photoshop because of this, i might never going to use it because it has no dds support, it's a shame cause the program has potential.
But since this has been asked for many years, and the devs don't add the support, i guess they don't need the extra revenue from game developers.
So i don't think trying to appeal to them is going to work out sadly.

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