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Better SVG Code Export needed + Better Vectorization

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as a Designer & Dev (Game & Web) I usually need SVG's quiet often, I usually need to run those SVG's through a Converter (SVG => to Meshes). But now the Problem beginns, for example, if I use curves with brushes on them, then AD converts those brushes to simple images only (I looked through the exported code of the svgs). This is really bad news for me, Illustrator doesn't do that, Illustrator actually converts those brushes (even complex ones) entirely to SVG valid data. Is there a plan to improve the AD SVG Export Options anytime soon to make this work? If this isn't on the AD Roadmap anytime soon, is there a alternative way to do it then (e.g. Vectorizing those Brush Curves)? I am also missing vectorization of curves and other objects in AD in general, that would help out by quiet a lot.


[EDIT:] Seems like most AD Brushes are more or less Images (not the simple standard brushes), what makes it impossible to export it as valid SVG Data / Vectors, except if AD has some smart vectorization features in the future. Why are even Image Brushes allowed in AD? It's the opposite concept of a Vector Application, just wondering.



Kind regards,


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Yes Affinity still produces not clean SVG code for shapes and paths.

Just compare results from same graphic elements with Illustrator ones.

Please improve that.


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I know you have a lot on your plate but improving SVG export is a major issue for me as a UI designers.


As a quick comparison, yesterday I exported a file in different formats then run ImageOptim :


  1. PNG 87 kb -> 70 kb
  2. PNG @2x 238 kb -> 186 kb
  3. SVG 91 kb -> 90 kb

The SVG is lighter than the @2x and seems to be the obvious choice but I still needed a smaller file.


After checking the SVG code I discovered that paths where used instead of rounded rectangles, dashed strokes where also converted to paths and so on. The rounded rectangle seemed also quite messy and have a lot of data where there should be only 8 declarations (4 lines and 4 arcs).


After cleaning and editing the file I ended up with only 7 kb and there are still a complex path from AD that I could redo.


Now I know that not everything I did could be automatically done (I used symbols and masks) but even so they are a lot that could be improved and it seems you have all of the data needed to create a clean SVG file.

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