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[Fixed] Somewhat stubborn keyboard shortcut setting ;-)

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just ran into another random feature ;)


These are the steps to reproduce:


1. Go to preferences and assign "Ctrl+Shift+R" to "Photo / Layer / New Adjustment Layer -> Recolour Adjustment", then close preferences dialog

2. Try the shortcut. Despite no warning sign in the setting dialog, it invokes lens correction instead.

3. Go to preferences and delete the assigned key at Recolour Adjustment again

4. Be surprised that the keyboard shortcut is still shown in the drop down menu ;-)


5. Restart AP and you're finally back to normal  ;)


Thanks and best regards,



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Hey Rincewind,


It looks like the actual issue is that the app isn't correctly reporting keyboard conflicts. Ctrl+Shift+R is already assigned to Lens Distortion in the Filter menu. We should be able to get this sorted for you.

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