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How can I replace an image that has been transformed (given perspective)? 




I have an iPhone mockup and I want to replace the screen with multiple images. The background will not be changing just the content. 


The images will be at a skewed angle. 


When the image has not been transformed, in Affinity, it shows the tab 'replace image,' however when I click on the transformed image that option is no longer in the context tab. 


I'm not sure if this matters but... when I click on the transformed image it is selected and says PIXEL (withOUT the option to replace image). When I click on the image that has not been altered in any way it says IMAGE (with the option to be replaced). 


I want to replace the image with another image of same size(skewed). How can I easily replace that?

This step I need multiple times. I need to replace that single image, save and then replace the image again and again.



If there is no way to do what I want or the replace image option isn't available after an image has been skewed, is there another way to do the same thing I'm looking for? 


Thank you. 

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Hi justroxann22,


and welcome here …  :)


Please understand the differences between image objects and pixel layers. Here is an attempt of a detailed explanation:




That said, you can only replace image objects, not pixel layers, by using the toolbar button you mentioned. As soon as an image object is converted to a pixel layer, by any sort of processing, you will lose the ability to replace it in the described way. But there are several things you can do. If you have Affinity Photo, you can, for instance, use a Live Perspective Filter on an image object and preserve the desired function for this object. Go to 


Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Perspective Filter.


Hope that makes sense …  :)



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