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[By Design] Buggy outline

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That, I believe, would mean the object would be selected by hovering the mouse.

It's not the case.

I can be creating other objects and that still happens.


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Thanks Andreas!

That's the "Show snapping candidates" option. I do have the Snapping ON but last week I've tried new options just to get to know them and that does what it does (and I don't really understand the use of it).


Thanks again! Snapping turned a light in my head and I managed to figure ir out.

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Show snapping candidates shows you which objects are being considered for snapping. Imagine the mess if all objects in the drawing were used for snapping (the number of smart guides appearing would be huge). You can add new objects just hovering your mouse a few seconds over them. As soon as the purple line appears they will be used as snapping candidates.

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