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Can't select different layer

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I was reading this conversation but I dont really get what the "edit all layers button" mean.


I getting crazy here where I have an AF file where I want to change the color gradient of various selected shapes at one.

I attach two screenshots and you'll sew that the "edit all layers" is in both cases but in one case I can change the gradience and in the other not.


Is this a bug? Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong??






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What is displayed on the context toolbar depends on what objects you have selected and what tool you have selected. With the objects selected you can switch to the gradient tool to apply or change a gradient

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  1. Hello the assurer thank for your answer. I see what you Mean: If I select both while I'm in the node tool or in the gradient tool, I can change the gradience in the top left corner like in screenshot one but If I'm in selection tool, I cannot change the gradience, only the color. (see screenshot 2)


    If in general when you can change the gradience as well as the color in top left menu  in certain situations depending on what tool you are using. But colours in the right corner works but there gradience is not there.

    To me, my mind tells me that color and gradience goes together, it does not make sense that they go together in the left corner, but in the right corner, you can only change the color. Maybe in the color tab (if it's in the studio in the top right, there should also be a tab for gradience.) To me, there is like a hierarchy problem, it does not make so much sense. I am a bit confused regarding the hierarchy and order of things.


    How come for instance, if you select one object, using the selection tool, you can change the color and the gradience in the top menu bar, but if selecting two objects (using the same selection tool), the color disappears from the menu? I dont know, it's just a point of view!

 That is a very subjective and personal opinion, I think the app looks to much alike illustrator, and some of it is complicated. Hierarchy wise, option wise, export options, there is just too much.... I hate adobe; I'll give you the example of adobe premiere vs FCPX, relatively different user interface, right? Well that is why I make movies with FCPX and will never touch adobe, (after effects, photoshop, indesign...ect)  but that's just me.


Also, can you tell me what is the "edit all layers" button underneath the layers panel, on the left?








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