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Mark Ingram

Affinity Photo - 1.5.1

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Click here to download the latest release


Status: Patch
Purpose: Stability and Performance
Requirements: A valid Affinity Photo product key.

We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.



  • Changed View ▸ Show Grid: new document view grid visibility is independent from the original document grid visibility setting
  • Fixed AltGr so it can be used in place of Ctrl+Alt shortcuts
  • Fixed Develop Persona to disable greyed out UI
  • Fixed cannot apply a colour picked swatch by clicking on the pipette
  • Fixed Add Crop Preset is showing the incorrect dimensions for the default name
  • Fixed Gradient Type not updating 
  • Fixed shortcut for Repeat Last Filter not being saved
  • Fixed crash when closing the application if the font dropdown was still being populated
  • Fixed Info Panel Sampler Loupe gives incorrect information
  • Fixed Typography panel "Show all font features" includes features that the font doesn't support
  • Fixed Add New Filter Assistant Option to default to child layer
  • Fixed crash changing text background colour
  • Fixed Paragraph panel letter spacing has wrong lower limit
  • Fixed Pen/Pencil Tool's 'Use Fill' checkbox not being saved if the tool is not selected when the application is closed down
  • Fixed adjusting colour opacity with scroll wheel does not update object
  • Fixed slider revert to opacity then changing colour space in the colour flyout
  • Fixed crash clicking on "no fill" on layer effects
  • Fixed crash when removing an Info Panel sampler
  • Fixed crash when opening a 32-bit Greyscale file
  • Fixed changing the colour mode of the Levels adjustment doesn't refresh the component dropdown
  • Fixed Crop Tool not showing currently selected preset 
  • Fixed automatic lens correction applying incorrect corrections
  • Performance improvement when panning
  • Changed keyboard shortcut for repeat filter
  • Fixed 'Failed to reset brushes' error in Preferences
  • Fixed changing the shortcut for Repeat Last Filter not being saved
  • Fixed unable to reapply last applied snapshot in Develop
  • Fixed renaming a palette selects a different fill
  • Fixed being unable to change Character Panel 'Positioning and Transform' values using keyboard
  • Fixed rename Tone Mapping preset category not reflecting correct name
  • Improved startup and shutdown performance
  • Changed pixel display zoom to match physical pixels
  • More lens correction fixes
  • Fixed crash when deleting the default category in the Library panel
  • Fixed crash when clicking Properties for some Printers
  • Fixed crash when going to Edit > Preferences in Panorama Persona
  • Fixed scrolling a value in the transform panel giving a different value if it has focus
  • Fixed Develop Persona Focus panel being disabled when initially showing after a document is already open
  • Fixed incorrect Export Brush dialog filter
  • Fixed Sources panel not appearing after HDR/Focus merge
  • Fixed Sources panel missing double click to define/add source point
  • Fixed releasing Alt when dragging a Levels Adjustment slider doesn't revert the image
  • Fixed context bar UI not updating when crop overlays are changed using O key
  • Allow selection of locked nodes in Wireframe view mode
  • Fixed PDF Import of some bitmaps resulting in incorrect colours (wasn't using colour conversion)
  • Changed OpenType to relax version check for "Coiny"
  • Fixed OpenType applying of contextual rules,  we were advancing past the lookaheads too
  • Added several performance improvements
  • Improved application start time
  • Fixed crash when using cursor keys to feather a selection
  • Fixed Selection Brush resize shortcuts not updating the context toolbar values
  • Fixed mouse wheel on opacity edit not applying
  • Fixed Retina Rendering Performance Preference (it was always doing a two-pass render for the high quality only option)
  • Fixed Layers panel not updating when switching documents with a live filter open
  • Fixed Unlinked / Separate Grid line and Subdivision line colours are not remembered
  • Fixed being unable to re-apply the last applied snapshot
  • Changed "Save With History" to prevent silent save back to JPEG, etc
  • Fixed crash when clicking the swatch in Edit > Matte
  • Fixed crashes when opening SVGs with no bounding boxes
  • Fixed Help search results not displaying if temp path contains non-ASCII characters
  • Distinguish between beta and normal builds in Explorer's "Open With" menu
  • Fixed failing to select a word when right-clicking on the text caret
  • Fixed being unable to interact with Transform panel when you draw out a marquee
  • Fixed Colour Chooser not retaining the last type you were on
  • Fixed Grid and Axis Manager not reflecting the currently selected artboard
  • Improved support for badly formed PSD files
  • Fixed Remove button on New Stack Document dialog not working
  • Pixel width and height not updating in the Resize Document dialog, when changing the resolution with 'Resample' unticked
  • Fixed Macro panel can appear off bottom of the screen
  • Fixed Move Up/Down for Library categories are in the wrong order
  • Fixed crash when changing the order of categories in the Library panel
  • Fixed lens correction failing to work due to wrong lens look up
  • Fixed crash when attempting to use undo brush when there is no history
  • Fixed frequency separation crashing 32-bit documents when the bilateral is used
  • Fixed cancelling macros import displaying an error message
  • Fixed macro parameters appearing with empty tooltips
  • Added scroll to macro parameters flyout
  • Fixed changing dimensions before DPI in Resize Document dialog resizing out of aspect
  • Fixed deleting a develop snapshot applies the first snapshot
  • Fixed being unable to use keyboard shortcuts in FFT Denoise dialog
  • Fixed Sources panel sources only showing with Clone brush active
  • Fixed Sources panel toggle source preview icon doesn't change
  • Improved performance of previewing a clone source

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