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Some issues found with AffinityPhoto

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1. Lasso issues-unable to add a selection from inside a marching ant selection.

2. Should add feathering option in the the pen tool's prior to concerting a path in a selection.

3. Pen tools seems to disconnect from the main path when plotting narrow intervals.




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Hi Johnsawan79


1. Having the cursor change to move the selection when inside it is intended. At this point the part you are trying to add is already selected so we only le you add from the outside


2. You are able to feather the selection after it has been converted from the path by going to Select > Feather. As a path itself cannot be feathered we leave the option until after it is converted as the path might not necessarily be converted to a selection


3. Looking at you gif it seems like you are clicking multiple times quite quickly. Double clicking whilst making a path end the path so this may be what you are experiencing here


None of these I would class as bug but they could be feature requests so I am moving this to the relevant section of the forum



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