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[AD] Artboard Oddities (& maybe a bug or two?)

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When I select an artboard with the Move or Node tool, in the Context toolbar there are options to Convert to Curves, set corner radii & type, & for the Move tool Lock Children.


Converting to curves (including by using the Corner tool to Bake corners) is apparently a destructive operation -- I can't find any way to reverse that besides Undo. And while the 'converted' artboard is shown as a "(Curve)" object in the Context toolbar, in the Layers panel it is still shown as an "(Artboard)" type.


On a converted or unconverted artboard, Lock Children does not seem to do anything -- checked or unchecked child layers move along with their parent.


There also seems to be an issue with snapping artboards that was created as a canvas (no artboard) document with guides & was later converted to artboard(s). This is hard to describe but among other things when snap to spread & include midpoints is enabled, moving an artboard snaps as if it was an element of a canvas, snapping to edges or midpoints of a hypothetical canvas. Related is the behavioral oddities mentioned in the guides lines move with Arboard ! topic.


Included is a small AD file that can be used to show some of these issues, along with a screenshot of the Snapping options I was using at the time.

Artboard oddness.afdesign


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Hi R-C-R


For your first point there is a slight conflict here. After converting the artboard it is a curve, you can manipulate nodes add points etc, it is also still an artboard. As we can show both states I think we have the best compromise. The context toolbar shows that objects state eg it is a curve and can be manipulated as such, whilst the layers tab shows it is still an artboard with artboard properties which is the more important trait when layers are concerned


The lock children actually does have an effect, not on moving the artboard but on resizing it. The artboard is the canvas rather than an objects so moving it will always move everything that is on it.


For your final point if you create a document then covert it to an artboard, any guides you had on the document become part of the pasteboard or background area rather than the new artboard. It is most likely you are snapping the the pasteboard margins, which is intended, if not a little confusing!



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Thanks for the detailed explanation. The only thing that really bothers me about this is converting an artboard to a curve is (as far as I can tell) destructive -- there does not seem to be any way to return it to a 'pure' artboard. Since the "Convert to Curves" button is fairly large & thus easier to hit by mistake, it would be nice if there was some way to do this.


I am not sure how important this is, mostly because I do not understand the implications for exporting or printing an artboard that is also a curve defining a non rectangular boundary.

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Convert to curves is destructive for any object not just artboard so it is using the same code rather then a special instance just for artboards. Feel free to make a feature request about this though it you think it would be useful.


For non rectangular artboards, they still export as an overall rectangle using the maximum value for height and width to define the area, like every other object, however the excess area is exported as transparent if the format allows it, otherwise the matting option chosen is applied in jpgs which do not support transparency for example.

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