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Blurry strokes at 1px

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i might be missing something, but it seems that i can't find a workaround to my issue.


When i make a 1px stroke, i often (not all the time) have a blurry/fatty stroke.


As an old Fireworks, user i was used to a pretty useful option that was called "Snap to pixel" because Fireworks had the same issue of sometime having issues with its vector shapes edges and strokes.


Is there the same kind of workaround on AD? 


Hope to be clear enough.





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Hi Bento


The force pixel alignment option snaps the curve to the pixel grid, the stroke is then based off the curve, for open curves the stroke can only be aligned to the middle, therefore a stroke of 1px will actually be shown on 2 px as it extends from the centre of the line covering a pixel each side. You can get a solid single pixel line by setting the Y or X value of the line (depending on whether you have a horizontal or vertical line) to .5 of a pixel. This will set the centre of the curve to be in between pixels to allow the stroke that expands from the centre to fully fill 1 pixel. You can also set the cap to a butt cap to make the ends of the line solid also.


Currently there is no automatic method to do this for you

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Fireworks (CS 5) has this interesting thing going on that it always aligns a stroke to the middle of a pixel by default, even if you position it by entering a different value in the properties fields. In the left section of the first attached screenshot I drew a line with the line tool. It automatically aligns the points to the center of the pixels. In the right section I changed the x position by typing a value in the properties panel at the bottom, and see how the stroke behaves: the point is aligned to the edge of the pixel but the actual visible line is still in the center.



I don’t know if that can be considered a bug but it never actually bothered me; it always felt natural that a line was always just a pixel wide and never blurry. Fireworks, however, also had this nice path panel where I could align points with a single click rather than having to type specific values into a text field. Would be awesome if AD could implement something like this, too.


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