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Crashes when opening Fuji X-Pro 2 RAW files

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Curious as to whether anyone can help with this problem.


I have just downloaded the 10 day free trial for Mac, installed and then opened the program.


I then attempt to open a RAW file from my FujiFilm X-Pro 2, and the program instantly crashes or goes to a non-responding state, then I have to force quit.


I'm running OS X El Capitan on an iMac Retina 5K.


Many thanks,

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Hi James,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I believe you are running the old Affinity Photo v1.4.3 trial. Can you confirm this please?

Affinity Photo 1.5 added support for FujiFilm X-Pro 2 so it should work fine there.

The new Affinity Photo 1.5 trial will be out later (we are still stabilising/fix a few issues discovered after's 1.5 release).

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