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It's so weird.

I wonder if this is a much more complicated feature to add than we think. The Guides manager has a lot of options so it's a very odd omission.

I wish companies would monitor these forms and reply. Imagine if they said "hey there, we tried to add this feature but it's gonna take much more work than we thought. I don't think we could get it implemented and tested for the next release or so". We all would think "drag, but ok". 

Silence is never a good reply to ones customers. It's ok to say no, just don't make it  seem like you ignore your customers.

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Is it possible to change the color of the guides?

Nearly four years after the initial post, folks are still begging for this simple feature offered by every other app in my arsenal that uses guides of any kind.  May I politely suggest that someone, s

It is 2018 and still no way to change Guides color or thickness.  I find them hard to see in many cases

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Hi @F+C,
We have not been silent regarding this or other issues. I've replied to this same thread in page three (link) and a couple more times in the first pages. This was added as an improvement request to our log. I agree it's a bit odd it's missing considering you can change the colour or other guide types. Thanks for your feedback.

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I asked about guide colour and the ability to save workspaces at the Photography Show 3 years ago. I love Affinity and all three products, so I want them to succeed and be around as long as possible. Many of the latest added features I will never use but Workspaces are really useful, Guides are used all the time and thin blue lines are totally pants !

Sorry just seen MEB reply just as I added this, yes I know you replied so I was super excited for V 1.9. Will wait patiently ...

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Hi @diarbyrag,
The ability to save workspaces was implemented in v1.9 (out today). I don't have an eta for the guide's colour, sorry. I understand three years is quite a bit to wait for a single feature but we haven't been working on this only. Quite a few other features requested by other users were also implemented during this time. As we said a few times, we have limited resources to work with. It's not always possible to implement new features/changes as fast as users would like but we are doing our best to (try to) fulfil them. Thanks for your patience and support.

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I understand you're not a huge company and I support you every way I can, I have all three apps, bought the Publisher Workbook and have downloaded the latest of all of them this afternoon, which is why I knew the guide color could not be changed,  I have converted two of my friends to Affinity away from another company with an A in it's name, Thanks to you I am also free of their stuff Yeh!

Just been setting up the workspaces and it's absolutely the dogs B****cks :-) so thanks to you and the team for that.

I realise everybody demands different stuff and you can not please them all.

I don't want to go on and on so I'll wait patiently as I said but just please try to put it at the top of the most wanted list now this release is out, much more useful than more special effects.



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The list of things that are missing in Affinity is very long (and I don't compare it to illustrator), but I couldn't imagine there was a missing like this.

The guides blue color by default seems correct at first glance, but in use turns out to be too present.

So much so that I prefer to do without the guides 😐

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