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MacOS + AP + Nik Collection FULL FONCTIONALS (except selective tool)

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Good news for us !

Perhaps I'm not the fist one but I found the way to use all the plugins of the Nik Collection in Affinity Photo.
After installing the Nik Collection by following tutorials, we all have the same problems : Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Dfine 2 et Selective Tool doesn't work. The problem come from the Windows format of the config file of each plugins. In fact, this file is a text file format with the .config extension.

Analog Efex Pro 2 - natively works
Color Efex Pro 4 - natively works

Dfine 2 - you have to replace the Dfine2.config
HDR Efex Pro 2 - natively works
Sharpener Pro 3 - you have to replace the SHP3.config
Silver Efex Pro 2 - natively works
Viveza 2  - you have to replace the Viveza2.config (after a quick test, this one doesn't work very well, because of a color problem - I'm not enought competent to solve it)

Selective Tool - can't works in AP because it's a sort of scripts panel to call Nik plugins with different ways - We could create similar actions with AP Macros.

How and where replacing the .config files ?
Go to the folder you create before installing the Nik collection / Google /
In Dfine 2 folder > replace Dfine2.config (you have to login)
In Sharpener Pro 3 folder > replace SHP3.config (you have to login)
In Viveza 2 folder > replace Viveza2.config (you have to login)

If you didn't erase the way to access to these plugins in AP's preferences, they works now.

Enjoy it !

configs files.zip

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Hi DEF13, 


thanks for your suggestions. I may try them some time soon - my problem is that for me Dfine, Viveza and Sharpener do not work at all. AP crashes ('unexpectedly closes') immediately when I try to open any of them. I don't even get to the point where I can try selective editing  <_<


Let's see whether your fix will solve my problem.

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