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Removing background to add sky

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Hello pixel pushers!

                               Here is my latest effort in four chapters, hope you enjoy.


Background edit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvg--Fbjxyw


Background -2 edit  https://youtu.be/fq0v2yjmb-A


Background-3 edit   https://youtu.be/V22Tb9agDMc


Background-4 edit    https://youtu.be/aAZfAFkJDS4 

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I liked the end result, but having watched your video series I would suggest it may be easier to use the flood selection tool to work around some of the birds feathers and fine tune it with the refine options. I find this works very effectively around wispy hair.


This Affinity video is a good example


Best wishes



Affinity Photo 1.6.7
Affinity Designer 1.6.1
MacBook Pro 16GB 
High Sierra 10.13.4

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Hi Gramondo;

                      Thank's for your response and the link. I was already familiar with this excellent tutorial as I have viewed all the current videos. As with any photo editing software, some things are complex as is masking. You are likely aware of this. With the masking technique shown in the Affinity video, it is just as vulnerable to vagaries as the software made by any other author. My video is to demonstrate (not easier) another approach  when or if one method fails, my process may work, or at least offer another option.


It's  a wonderful digital age we live in and I do appreciate you sharing your feedback.


All the best,



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I don't understand, for me, the modifying key (ALT) doesn't work like in the tutorial. 


I am on Mac, with the latest systems (Sierra 10,12,5) and Affinity Photo 1,5,2. 


Is this a Mac problem (need to press another key) or something has changed ?

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