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Transparency checkerboard brightness

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In AF i'd like to change colors used for checkerboard pattern. When working on UI elements document for my game, I use white for icons and color them in game engine. All I see in AF is parts that are on light gray.


Checkerboard pattern needs to be close to 50% brightness.


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Yes! Yes! This, 1000x this! I have to keep changing everything to black or red before I edit it and then change it back to white before I save it out.


All it'll take is just one slider...


While you're at it wouldn't it be nice to lock the checkerboard and zoom such that it aligns with the pixel grid...


Cas :)

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We've been assured that the Affinity team reads everything in this forum. They seldom, however, comment on their plans or reveal whether they've decided to implement one of the requests. Nor do they say when something will be implemented.

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In AD just add a rectangle to cover the document, move to bottom of Layer stack, colour it what you like and reduce the opacity, the checkerboard can be tinted to any colour with this method

For AP use a Fill Layer

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