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Adding(Union) connected objects still have split path

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I think solving a correct Boolean addition relies on actual overlap rather than "touch" (I suspect mathematically it's an extended version of the problem if the triangles were flipped so they only contacted at a single point - should that be a single outline, should it cross over in an infinity symbol fashion, or be construed as an hourglass, or are they actually one shape at all? -  I'm not sure there is an actual correct "fix" or solution to that, or to your example). What you are seeing is the equivalent of two shapes not touching at all.


Easy enough to work around: In your specific example, grab the Node tool, grab the middle of the touching line on one of the triangles, drag it over the other triangle so the curves are now overlapping (or click to add another point to the line then drag it over). Similar workarounds can be made for other variations of the problem.


However, I'll gladly be proven incorrect by the Serif developers.

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