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Best Resampling Method

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Trying to understand which resampling method would be best to use on landscape or wildlife images.  From the Help section, it looks like Lanczos 3(non separable) would give the best results.  The 4 choices in the Export menu(Linear, Bicubic, etc.) are only names to me, so any clarification about them would be helpful. (Just an amateur enjoying the hobby)



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Hi Phil, the resampling methods are ordered by sharpness. For photographic purposes you can safely ignore Nearest Neighbour. Bilinear will produce the softest result, whereas Lanczos 3 non-separable will produce the sharpest (the difference between separable and non-separable is very slight). Bicubic is somewhere in the middle and will probably suffice for the majority of your images.


One reason to use a softer resampling method might be if your image has lots of high frequency content - from excessive noise to very fine detail like chainlink fences and difficult patterning in architecture. Using a sharper resampling method may exacerbate these parts of the image, and may even produce resampling artefacts (though they are more noticeable in video content to be honest - stills, not so much).


As always, experiment! But for a good safe bet with most of your images, try Bicubic. Hope that helps!

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