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Working with Photos from 360 camera

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Hello Everyone,


I'm new here and to Affinity and also to working with a 360 camera. I have a "Ricoh Theta S" and I will be using it for Real Estate, motorsports..etc but I want to be able to add ANY 360 file and work with it.


Do I just use the Live Equirectangular Projection layer, do my editing with inpainting..etc and then save? Then use another program online to view? What if I need to correct a stitching line? Or any blurry objects close to a stitching line?


I do have a photo that on the stitch line I see a double head? Anyway to merge them to make one? Want me to upload it?





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  • Staff

Hey foxdavis, yes, you're more or less along the right lines - open your 360 image, use Layer > Live Projection > Equirectangular Projection. Pan around to an area you want to edit, select your tools and do your edits. Once you're finished, remove the projection via Layer > Live Projection > Remove Projection. Then you just need to export the original unmapped image for use in an external 360 viewer.


I would mainly recommend using the Inpainting Brush and Clone Brush for retouching seams and blurred areas. If you're having trouble getting the tones to match and it's not looking seamless then maybe try the Healing Brush, as that will blend the source and target tones.


Check out these videos as they will detail using live projection, making multiple edits, merging multiple layers down and exporting:


360 Live Editing

360 Advanced Editing

360 Retouching


Also, as you mentioned real estate, check out the video on making multiple copies and repositioning each one:


360 Multiple Views


You're in good hands as some of the tutorial content above was shot on a Ricoh Theta S. There's a bit of quality sacrifice for the convenience of a single lens, one-click system, but it's not too bad and should deliver acceptable results.


Hope that helps!

Product Expert (Affinity Photo) & Product Expert Team Leader

@JamesR_Affinity for tutorial sneak peeks and more

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