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Mr. Chillrun: an iOS Game created with Affinity Designer

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Hi there,


I recently had to chance to discover Affinity Designer. As a hobbyist and not a professional artist, I must say the product really encouraged me to create and learn more about graphics design due to its easy to use and visually pleasing interface. After I familiarised with the software, I decided to use Affinity Designer to create art for a mobile video game that I was planning to develop for some time. It recently listed on the App Store and I decided to share with the community.


I'm open to all sorts of feedbacks and I also would like to express my gratitude by discovering with this most amazing software and its creative team.







Download Link:



Dev Blog:


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It's cool to see Designer art in a game. Nice job neverwhere.

Thanks for your comment, means a lot ! I'm planning to use Designer in future indie game projects once I feel more comfortable and experienced with it.

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