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[Fixed] Inkpad svg problem

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hi everyone i hope somebody can help :)


I´ve been working with Inkpad on my iPad for a thew months now . I have over 100 files and i want to move them all to affinity designer .


after the svg file was imported everything but the font is in place...the letters are gone


to make it simple I've made a sample svg file containing only of a letter A  


my mac preview does show the A.svg file correctly


Ive talked to Inkpad support already ...they are not able to help..

does that mean I've never been able move file between Inkpad and Affinity Designer?









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Hi Jakub,


It looks like inkpad is writing the text out inside a CDATA tag, which we aren't reading on import correctly. The files can be imported correctly by removing the CDATA tag for now, but that will be quite a job to do on 100 files!


I've logged it with the developers to look into further.


Thanks for reporting this to us, sorry for the late reply!

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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