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[Bug - AD] Font Size field loses focus on down arrow key

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I am experiencing an issue with AD on Windows 10 where when I focus Font Size text field on the top bar or on the floating panel and press the down or up keys on the keyboard, it will decrease/increase the font size as expected, but if I press the down or up key again it will move the selected text object down/up instead of decreasing/increasing the font size again.


It also happens on all other fields on the floating Character/Font panel. Is this the expected behavior?


I would expect it to keep focus so I can play around with font size/kerning/line-height/etc until I am satisfied.




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I don't think this is expected behaviour, I would expect it to retain focus on the font size dropdown until you moved the focus away. It behaves this way in the mac so it looks like it's just a Windows specific issue.


I'll get this logged.


Thanks for reporting it :)

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