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AD Document setup for web buttons

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Hi all, this is my first post.


I have a qustion about how to setup new document to design web buttons like forum ranks etc.


I need to do 100x30 px object.  I am not sure about best colour format, colour profile and the dpi.


What do you recommend?


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Hi Commendante,


As for digital assets dpi is irrelevant. But you can take 72dpi for the sake of it (as it is a somewhat standard now).


Colourformat RGB for web uses. You can take RGB/8. Colour profile: I'd go with sRGB IEC.


Hope that helps.


PS: Next time I'd post this in the question section of the forum as this section is more for tutorials (in a larger sense). 

PPS: Welcome to the forum and the community! :)

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