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Hello, this is my first post.


I'm trying out AP as a possible replacement for my current RawTherapee/Photoline workflow, and it's a great piece of software! The amount of detail out of Fuji RAWs matches and sometimes exceeds RT which I wasn't expecting (never seen so many pores on a person's face), and the UX is much nicer and faster than Photoline.


I have seen a few bugs with the Develop Persona I thought I'd mention though.  Version

  • Time to load a RAW is quite slow, loading the same 16mp Fuji RAW on my machine:
    • AP takes 19 seconds for initial load (plus 1-3 seconds to apply settings when moving to Photo Persona).
    • RT takes 3 seconds for initial load, then 8 seconds on export.
  • When you apply sharpening the image looks over-sharpened when zoomed out / fit-to-screen then when you click the Develop button it noticeably softens making it difficult to judge the correct amount to use.  Note that 100% zoom is fine, it looks like it might be applying the sharpening to the current preview bitmap and not the original?
  • Assistant settings don't seem to be saved; if I set Tone Curve to "Take no action" it will persist when loading multiple RAWs in the same instance of AP, but when I close and reopen it goes back to default.
  • Auto-lens correction works great, but can't be disabled; setting it to "Take no action" does nothing.  Sometimes I want the original distorted image.
  • If I select a preset for a tab (e.g. I have one which applies a default sharpen), when I load another RAW the preset is still shown as selected in the drop down box but isn't applied, and clicking it does nothing.  I have to select Default then select the preset again to activate it.
  • Small blown highlights (fairy lights / cars in the distance) can look pretty harsh compared to RT.  I can prepare an example if desired.

I'm really impressed with AP overall though, great job guys :-)




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HI arangast


Thanks for reporting these.


The slow opening times is something we are aware of and we have already improved the performance in our beta and we shall continue to be working on this so hopefully the opening times should drop significantly


The sharpening differences is due to the dynamic preview we have, as you have seen this is displayed correctly when shown at 100% zoom


I have passed on the Assistant setting not sticking to the Development team


The blown highlight difference may be due to our tone curve. Are you able to provide an example for comparison? 

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Thanks for the quick response :)


Apologies, after further experimentation the highlight problem isn't much of an issue; the image where it was particularly bad I think I'd actually moved the Highlights slider up as a quick way of improving contrast, naturally this made the blown highlight a lot worse.  They are still slightly more clipped than RT such as in the attached example (Affinity on the left), but it's not very noticeable at normal viewing distance and can be easily softened with the blur tool.  I will update the thread if I find a more severe example.




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