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I've searched the forum best I could on this problem with no results. I tried to create a macro to add copyright info to images. AP gives me an alert indicating text cannot be applied using this method. Really?? Please don't tell me I have manually add copyright text to 25, 50 or more images. Anyone find a way to do this using A P?

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Although not text based, this is a fairly easy way to do it (

).  I used this, then created a macro to paint it on to the open pic, then I just reposition as needed.  It's still clunky and slow, but it does help a little.  If you know how to paint to a relative position (say 20 px up and 20 px left of the lower right corner), then we could further automate this by auto-positioning the paint / watermark.  I haven't figured that out just yet though (started looking at it today myself)


Hope this help!


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Thanks for the comment. I just installed A-P a couple weeks ago, so I'm trying to translate PS CS6 to A-P, LOL.


Are you suggesting when recording the Macro to place the text inside the parentheses so A-P doesn't recognize the text as such? As I read your comment it triggered a thought to create a separate jpg c-right notice image with the text. Have the macro open the c-right image and add it to the file being worked on??

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Madame -

OK, I watched the video you listed along with a bunch of others. So here's what I did.

1- Had to figure how the Brush panel worked and how to create a new brush.

2- I created an image with my studio logo, copyright info and studio web site url

3- Learned I had to save it as a png.

4- After clicking "duplicate brush" 5 times because I saw no confirmation the brush was duplicated, I found that  the duplicates are listed at the very bottom of the list of brushes.

5- Figured out how to delete brushes

6- Managed to create a brush for my studio watermark

7- Determined the brush size needed to display on a camera raw image

8- Started to create a macro to automate the use of the watermark brush, tested, edited and finalized


All this took about 3 hours.

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Well, it isn't just about what you did accomplish, but getting a better understanding of the app.

And with your thorough description you will help other people that (maybe) don't dare to ask.

- Affinity Photo 1.8.6
- Affinity Designer 1.8.6
-Affinity Publisher 1.8.6


MacBook Pro 16 GB
MacOS Big Sur v.11.1

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