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AD - first page of design portfolio - two versions

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I do not post this in my first topic because it is not a logo.

I made the first page of my portfolio and want to know which version is better and what I could improve.


Furthermore I am having this problem with the software and would be happy to hear your ideas on that.


Thanks for your feedback.  :)


Karl Grotheer




interested in technology, law, design and marketing


marketing consultant and designer


press speaker/press relations @ssr oldenburg


Website: Startseite - Karl Grotheer

Facebook: http://bit.ly/kg01-fb

Instagram: http://bit.ly/kg-ig

Twitter: Karl Grotheer (@karlgrotheer) | Twitter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin...in/karlgrotheer


I design logos with mostly simple shapes and sometimes combine them with (remixed) pictures.


All my work is my intellectual property, so ask before using.



legal information for all my works:


Copyright by Karl Grotheer

imprint/Impressum: karlgrotheer.jimdo.com/impressum-und-kontakt



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