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Yet color profile problems

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Hello I have some problem while importing and exporting eps files.

When I import a CMYK eps, Designer converts it assigning a RGB profile. So I need to select again all lines (it shows that colors are correct (0,0,0,100K) but it is wrong because in reality it converted those colors into RGB (I see it opening in Illustrator)); so I have to go again to the "color select sliders", drag the K slider left and right again to 100% and then export in "eps (Print mode)".

Is this maybe becaus of "print mode eps export"? If yes how can I export an eps in CMYK?



In addition I need of a way to not convert on opening, and not assign a color profile, just read colors applied to the lines.


thank you!



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I'm not sure but sometimes exporting with "EPS FOR EXPORTING" settings leaves the profile (CMYK or RGB) set to the file but sometimes not...so I exported using "eps for print"...but with the problem above described...

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Hi Oswald,

To export a document out as a CMYK EPS you need to ensure the Colour Format of the document is set to CMYK/8 in File > Document Setup. When you export it will then export your document to the correct format (verified opening the outputted file in Illustrator. However it does appear that we're not correctly detecting the colour mode on import as you've experienced. I'll get this reported to development

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