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Blending modes don't work on Outline fx (Gradient)

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Hi, Affinity Designer 1.5.4, macOS 10.12.2.

I've a shape like this:




I'm trying to apply an Outline fx, using a Linear Gradient, black to white, set in Screen blending mode.

I would expect the values from black to mid-gray not to influence the shape color, and the ones from mid gray to white to make it lighter, such as this (mockup created using a toroid shape):




Instead, the result of the fx is like Normal blending mode: in fact it seems all gradient outline blending modes work as normal.





Do I have wrong expectations?

Thank you,


Davide Barranca


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Your expectation seems right to me, and I confirm that the output is as you describe regardless of blend mode.


The blend mode only seems to affect the interaction between the Outline and other objects, not the object to which the Outline is applied.


Try setting the Outline to Outside, and you'll see that underlying objects are treated correctly.


Seems like a bug / oversight to me.

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